Children and technology – panel discussion at Färgfabriken

Ursinnen at Färgfabriken was an exhibition focusing on a child’s capacity to perceive art and to engage with the world around them. The underlying idea was that there may be aspects of experiencing art and the world as a whole, where children possess a capacity beyond and different from adults. That is, in their ability to be present in phenomenological experiences, not only of art, but the world at large.

An open panel conversation titled Technology & the Child connected to Lundahl & Seitl’s art, while prompting a wider discussion into transdisciplinary research and practice, where imaginative approaches trigger the design of new technologies focusing on the human qualities of touch and nearness, embodied presence and trust. Curiosity Shop’s Erika Tanos was invited as an ethnographer to explore the topic of Technology & The child together with artists Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl, Helena Granström (writer & poet) and Ronald Jones (interdisciplinary professor & artist).

Producer: Anette Andersson (Artikel 31)
Moderator: Mats Bigert (Bigert & Bergström)

Färgfabriken has been producing a rich variety of exhibitions and diverse activities in the fields of art, architecture and urban development. They make room for the unexpected by bringing together different perspectives and interests from the areas of art, architecture and social science.