Release of the Informed Consumer Study

The Informed Consumer study conducted by design agency Kuudes in partnership with Curiosity Shop and professor Arto O. Salonen has revealed that the meaning of responsible consumption have changed. New responsible consumption no longer means sacrifice, it’s about contributing to one’s own happiness. Ethical choices are made in order to find inner balance, not as a response to external pressure. This is good news for business as well – consumers are willing to invest in happiness much more than making up for a guilty conscience.

Quote from Kuudes blog:

At the Swedish Informed Consumer study launch event, the talented anthropologist Erika Tanos asked us to close our eyes and imagine the people she was describing. She asked us to imagine what they might look like, how they might have decorated their homes and how they might relate to people around them. Even though we had our eyes closed it was an eye-opening experience for many. The people Erika talked about felt real and close. It felt like we would have been there in their homes with Erika.



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