Magic happens in-between

Spark of innovation

Logical mysticism

The magic of life and innovations tend arise from that electrified field of tension when opposite forces collide. Spooky? But so is Quantum mechanics compared to Newtonian.

During an innovation process, the need for controlled order collides with the opposite force of unpredictable chaos.

 It’s almost impossible to do both at the same time so in practice an interplay needs to occur. Like taking a step with one foot, then the other. What if there was a natural “innovation engine” keeping this interplay going by activating both abilities? 

What IS >> What IF

The well known Double Diamond model is a framework for innovation and complex problem solving. It’s a very useful tool simple enough to be drawn on a napkin, at the same time containing many deeper dimensions. The first diamond is about What IS – sensing the current reality from various angles. Based on that that rich understanding, the second diamond leads to the What IF – the new realities that could be created. 

The two diamonds together represent a process of exploring an issue more widely and then taking focused action. A divergent > convergent < divergent > convergent movement eternally. Similar to variation and selection in nature: the natural innovation engine.