Complexity Felicity

Welcome to the edge of the limits of rational knowledge, or what philosophers, since Aristotle, have variously called Agnoseology – the “theory of unknowability”.

Thinking in complexity requires the ability to perceive across multiple perspectives and contexts. This is not a muscle that has been trained into us in school or in the work world. It is a skill acutely needed in this era to meet our personal, professional and collective need to respond to crisis, and to improve our lives. Authorized information is static, but what we need to understand and respond to is complex and alive –warm data how things are happening, through, and across and within multiple contexts simultaneously. 

Interdisciplinary leadership training for complex problem solving

White Label at SSES (Stockholm School of entrepreneurship) was a ground breaking, interdisciplinary learning-by-doing programme for complex problem solving and innovation. Truly, this was a form of educational cocaine! Curiosity Shop’s Erika was trained in a coherent foundation of methods such as: design thinking, creative problem solving, systems thinking, and future forecasting. Between 2013-2014, Erika participated in and co-created a number projects and workshops together with the other team members:

  • Trendspotting & speculative design bootcamp: The future of active aging (Transhumanism) – at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. In collaboration with Quattroporte future strategy agency. 
  • Initiative for Global Health – Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Collaborative Research Training Workshop – Accra, Ghana
  • Designing a user-building interface – Coreolis, Paris
  • Future thinking weekend workshop –  SSES
  • Complex problem solving weekend workshop – SSES